Abolish Derivative Populist Culture

(PASS apocalyptic manifesto)

Imagine a world without displaced-persons camps and prisons. Imagine a world without caravans of immigrants, without refugees at sea trapped in a desperate destiny.

Imagine a bored society and culture without umbilical connections, similitude, and plagiarists, imagine an art without appropriations and endless repetitions, without carbon-copy aesthetics, reproducing past trends over and over.

The Poets & Artists Surrealist Society (PASS) is breaking two stones with one bird and one mosquito: Speak up when you have nothing to say and create without the brainwash of studies in the avant-garde.

Struggle against dominant populist Pop-Kitsch-ism, via a permanent dissatisfaction with the anesthetizing effects of social mass media. Reject banalization of all emotional relations, a derision of the impact of dreams and the subconscious universe. 

Beware: The committee of sleep is controlling your psyche through a fetishism of possessions. Rebel against forgone conclusions of conspicuous consumption. Re-individualize your logic: One must risk reason for an experience worth attempting; invent good trouble with a turbulent aggression for practical social changes.

“Let us not lose sight of the fact that the idea of Surrealism aims quite simply at the total recovery of our psychic force by a means which is nothing other than the dizzying descent into ourselves, the systematic illumination of hidden places and the progressive darkening of other places, the perpetual excursion into the midst of forbidden territory, and that there is no real danger of its activities coming to an end so long as man still manages to distinguish an animal from a flame or a stone” 

André Breton

Stop streaming mindless fillers of rarified cultural squalor, stop buying subscriptions to periodicals and books of gutter sex and domesticated hobbies. The marvelous is everywhere: Sometimes it happens that unexplained images appear in mirrors, in dreams, in our art and poetry, and we can suddenly perceive them, perhaps in a state of intoxication or intense emotion or in a hypnotic state of sexual ceremony. It is the power of imagination at work in our mind and body. Entertain the Alchemical Brain! Finally, consciousness will no longer imprison living impulses, it will be at the service of desire: Going past the sordid layout of common sense and logic, it will rejoin the great possibilities of imagination and dream on a level of transcendence.

Power to the imagination!