Poetics for the More-than-Human World

An Anthology of Poetry and Commentary
Published 2021
Cover: Poetics for the More-Than-Human World

The Earthquake Flowers of Fukushima

They whisper from behind the stones
Their roots embrace the peaks and cracks
Waiting for the raindrops to hurt them
But the earthquake flora does not die

Helplessly groaning and moaning
Covered with a blanket of dust
Only the lightning uncovers colors
The bleeding petals push the soil
Embracing the radioactive landscape
In hidden crevices elusive perfumes bloom

A deeper wound in a meltdown cave
These days, hours and minutes unknown
To the clock, to the calendar, to the memory
By the time the sun scans the tops of the trees

The rain of deadly flowers strikes
The twister that lifts the broken roofs 
Spins purple moon and elongated clouds
Stringing together the unidentifiable birds

Leathery lizards swarm the shrines
Nuclear gutter birds in green heaven
Spin like an Ouija board out of control
Arid lead petals cover a bleak landscape
Wild flowers burst and bubble into the sky

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