Here, There and Nowhere

Spuyten Duyvil Publishing

Cover Art, analogue collage by
Ruth Oisteanu

The Bleeding Sun

The sun rises again over the rooftops of Milano
Confronting the embattled streets of death
Tired sun, red, flushed, bleeding
Bleeding above rooftops, melting
As in a cubist landscape by Boccioni
The smokestacks of houses in Neville
Stretch out their long necks
Dark smoke signals, belching out
Another soul dies, escaping through smokestacks
Smells of resurrection, light a candle
Milano calls to its parks full of ducks
And hidden flamingo gardens
The Holy Duomo of Miracles
Dominates the spirit of the dead
Michaelangelo’s Rondanini Pieta
In Sforzesco Castle, where he died next to it
For us mortals the fear of loss
Castles, villas, language and tradition
To statistical errors of social engineering
Milano of fashionistas at every bar
The Novecento Museum, back to the future
Sunset burning fearless rays of despair

Soon to be released.

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