Jackie Curtis—(His Real Name Was John)

Lived on speed, wrote surreal poetry
Youth fading fast between the night and heroin
Baroque doors all lead to La Mama Theater
James Dean poetry at Danceteria-club reading
Quick write a movie at Andy’s Factory
Remember the dialogues, the moves
Dress up and play.
Movie-sets, lights, drugs and
Andy and Paul, Action!
Women in Revolt!
Candy Darling, Holly Woodlawn, Jackie Curtis
Names of Underground film history
Paul Morrissey directing Chaos and Eros
Got drunk as a skunk at Sluggers Ann
His grandmother’s perdition den
Got totally stoned at Max’s Kansas City
Where turned stockings were elegantly fitting
Turned dress, turned fishnets
Sex-glamorista superstar
In a camouflage housedress
Trying to break the bourgeois morals and models
Moaning a song through the eternal darkness
High heel shoes on the night table
Fetishism mania, disgraced poet-mimosa
Goddess like submissiveness
Jackie is dancing on razor blades
Margot Howard, Jackie Curtis, Jack Smith
The parade of the experimental fools
Jackie posing with his ANDY tattoo
Lived on speed, died on heroin
Life was just too small for his oversized sprit

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