NYC from the Inside

NYC through the Eyes of the Poets Who Live Here

Anthology edited by George Wallace

Book Cover NYC from the Inside

Assisted Revolution
(in Central Park)

Faces of granite sculptures, in transitory loneliness
sad inter-looked trees hanging over benches
Flowers disturbing the textures of foot prints & hoof marks
Long haul chess man receives call a call of apprehensive spring

Pandemic masks, pandemic outfits of doom
Mask robbers unite, the future is yours
Vaccinated three times and a booster
Face-shielded anonymous heads and pandemic shoes

Revolutionize post pandemic sex desires
Effortlessly flowing through the bridges of eyes
Stuffed horses pulling carriages sheepishly
While bikers run consecutively along the Central Park path

There is no melody in the string of noises
It is sad afternoon of wounded lost souls
Melting’s of daylight chained all eternally to water
Birds chatting savage mad love by the fountain

The small boats and ducks lost in the wind
Compete in arousing colors under sunlight
It’s a touch of grace in the sounds of bird talk
On the other side of space-time continuum 

Cover Photo by Valery Oisteanu

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