Remembering Anne D’Harnoncourt

Journal of Surrealism and the Americas, Vol 2, Issue 2 (2008)
Anne D’Harnoncourt

Poetic coincidence? Unlikely
You were born three days after me, September 7th, 1943
The artsy-Virgos have a special role in art history
We met at the Dalí-Centennial 2004 in St.Petes/Tampa
Her story was a golden one, from MoMA to Dada
To the underworld of Surrealists and Abstract Expressionists Anne the quintessential collector and guardian of avant-garde Duchamp spun the magic wheels for “the tall girl”
His ghost is still a host of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Anne has a rendezvous with Marcel and Alexina -Teeny
In the basement by Étant donnés’ door
Which hides many ethereal white shadows
Brancusi waves his hat: “Welcome to the Avant-Gods!” Cézanne paints a peach inside a giant peach
Dalí brings his soft piano as a present
Dalí-spectrum shines as a halo above her head
Alfred Stieglitz and John Cage create Silence for you
Frank Gehry running with drawing to catch you
The vision of an architectural expansion of PMA
Frida Kahlo and Lee Miller salute you
For breaking cracks in the gender-ceiling
Bravely educating Philadelphians
Without breaking a sweat
Exiting quietly, suddenly, June 1st, ‘08
New summer moon is broken
We pray for you Anne d’Harnoncourt,
The Saint of artists and a Captain of art.

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