Scorched Landscape of My Third Eye

Dada Bomb
from In the Blink of a Third Eye

My head echoes the sound of vertical ice 
Falling through the cracks in my windows 
What you are about to hear, to endure, is 
Ice crashing ice, hallucinatory avalanche 
Nadja killed by Andre Breton, amour fou 
A captive whale silently 

Duchamp’s fetishistic mistakes lay bare 
A lunatic messenger from a mutant void 
Ichito-harpsichordis in need of a tuneup 
Zebra-ostrich hunted by four clawed birds 

Horizontal vaginas seeking square pricks 
An upright piano housing giant locust-bees 
The purity of intention pushing a dark abyss 
A zeppelin flying against the solid darkness 

Rhythmic waterfalls, streaming blue jellyfish 
Chess horses chasing chestnut transparency 
Captive of my scorched undiscovered landscapes 
White fire escapes rising toward invisibility 
A turning point encircled by magic lamps 

Smoke-blackened tunnels surround shrunken heads 
A convenient darkness pointing in all directions 
As the knifes pierce immeasurable fear-laughter 
Inconsequential, exhausted immortal unreality 
Threatened by my apocalyptic visionary lethargy

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