So it Seems

Ruth Oisteanu Collage

(appropriately depressing)

Poem half remembered from a dream
Wrinkled like aging female breasts
Getting smaller, flattened under my feet
Lost among the living and the dead

Spreading the solitude of shattered sleep
Expanding psychedelically without meaning
The moon rises under my night tongue
Grinding the galaxies, planets and stars

Leaving the eloquence of the soul behind
An insanity forecast of the hermetically sealed Ego
Believing in images melted away, lost
Surviving the cemetery where there is no exit

Metallic noises under the Manhattan bridge
And a sliver of Earth: East River Park
Smiling at the cement jungle of Brooklyn and Queens
Where noise echoes with humanoid charm​​

Waiting for post-Covid Godot
In the ridiculous disappearing caldron
In the labyrinths of the Lower East River
While above, flying cacti smile wolfishly

From Exquisite Pandemic, literary and art magazine. Collage by Ruth Oisteanu.

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