Tally Brown

Spontaneous Blues

We say farewell to Tally Brown
Surreal life of a Zen clown
She made the stage go upside down
Bourgeoisie was tumbling down
Oh Tally Brown, Tally Brown
You wore the biggest hat in town
Your humor like a royal gown
Oh Tally Brown, Tally Brown
From New York to Berlin-town
Your critic-smile was renowned
Oh Tally Brown, Tally Brown
You had the biggest heart around
Limping along humming a cabaret song
In the underground movies uptown
In the garage theater downtown
Oh Tally Brown, Tally Brown
Erotic symbol and erotic sound
A rare treasure and a rare found
Tally with a triple crown.

—from Passport to Eternal Life
(PASS Press, 1990)

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