Taylor Mead

In Memoriam

Taylor Mead! Oh! Taylor Mead!
Your ass was a symphony lead
On speed, stoned on weed
Cannot precede a Taylor Mead
He stimulates everyone’s sphincter
Screaming Frank O’Hara’s non-repressed desire:
“The general return from one place to another”
Annoyingly bitchy, martyr till the end
Bastardly witty, boom box in his hand
Illegitimate bastard-son of Andy Warhol
Taylor-in need, off his angelic feed
Promiscuous, ready to proceed
Taylor–sailor, fugitive in Europe
Poetical images stampede
Hair, beauty, quickly recedes
Factory life with Viva and Penny
Mislead, over-drugged, out of speed
Lonely survivor of outer-Bohemia
Victim and victor, spirit and soul
Jim Jarmush “Coffee and cigarettes”
Taylor Mead, Taylor Mead
Taylor sailor un-pedigreed!

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