The Ghost in the Time Machine

(to Lou Reed)

Suddenly the soundtrack has ceased
Southampton is cold and quiet
Letters scattered on the ground
Mixed with rusty leaves
L, O, U, R, double E, D
The tower of strength falls
With his fists clenched
Just a perfect day
It was a perfect day to die
Before the Day of the Dead
Just a perfect way to say goodbye
There is no time
No time left in the time machine
The ghost is walking on the wild side
Angus MacLise, Nico, Sterling Morrison
All summoned to the gates of Purgatory
Jackie, Candy, Andy waiting on the other side
Singing the Songs of Drella
He missed touching everyone before dying
Silence looms deep and sleepy
Just a perfect night
The night the music almost died
The soundtrack of my life
Raspy voice tugging at my emotions.

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