Photos in Memoriam

Posts in Memoriam to above Artists

Ira Cohen, Psychedelic Jester (Arteidolia), June 2017

Remembering Steve Dalachinsky (ART 511 MAG), October 2019

Ted Joans, the Priest of Jazz (Empty Mirror), February 2012

Lil Picard and Counterculture New York (Brooklyn Rail), May 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen: The Late Andy Warhol (Polarity eMagazine), Winter 2018

Jack Micheline (1929-1998)

The Ghost in the Time Machine, (Anarchy for a Rainy Day), 2015

Taylor Mead (1924-2013)

Janine Pommy Vega (1942-2010)—The Drum Circle

Jackie Curtis—(His real name was John)

Tally Brown—Spontaneous Blues

Peter Lamborn Wilson—In Memorium